niedziela, 29 maja 2011

Why we need god?

Most people believe god cause of profits. They pray because they want more money, health, goods.
The unusual case is pray for good of other people. It's very rare - why?

Our jealousy makes us worse! You as a Catholic are not allowed to be jealous or malignant but you don't care about law written in holy bible. So why you are believing god? You hope that you will be in heaven when your life will be full of prays and sunday eucharist.

Nothing more wrong.

Change your life now - stop believing god or do that like real Catholic.
What would you choose? Write in comments

niedziela, 8 maja 2011

World without god

This blog is about atheism and world without god. I don't want to to offend I don't want to offend religious emotions of anyone! So if you want to read it you are doing it only on your own responsibility.

Lets begin
I'm atheist from 5-6 years and I'm not feeling any empty hole in my mind/heart anymore. What are you feeling without god, christianity rules etc? Share it with me to get topic of the next posts. I want to know how can I connect with you.