niedziela, 29 maja 2011

Why we need god?

Most people believe god cause of profits. They pray because they want more money, health, goods.
The unusual case is pray for good of other people. It's very rare - why?

Our jealousy makes us worse! You as a Catholic are not allowed to be jealous or malignant but you don't care about law written in holy bible. So why you are believing god? You hope that you will be in heaven when your life will be full of prays and sunday eucharist.

Nothing more wrong.

Change your life now - stop believing god or do that like real Catholic.
What would you choose? Write in comments

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  1. U don't get real meaning of faith, it's not only praying or eucharist. It's exactly about changing your life for better and so on being better for other people. That's the most important commandment, commandment of love.

  2. To be honest i don't see your point. Let the poeople belive whatever they want. You think its stupid? People do many stupid things

  3. @dalexus
    Yes but we can learn love without religions.

    If someone want to commit suicide... you will allow him to do that or you will only watch?

  4. To keep true to faith in something above is a required patience to see proof of something that has yet to show itself, So those that maintain faith in the decreasing world is truly an act of endless patience. And i would flow with the Agnostics, to remain undecided on the idea of god

  5. In my opinion i feel religion is evil and is the prime cause of most wars

  6. I feel it was created to control people and millions, probably billions have fallen for it.
    Nice blog son, followed.

  7. I stopped believing in God when I was in elementary school. Same thing with Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.