sobota, 18 czerwca 2011

Random question #1

It's question dedicated for atheists:

How you felt before you stopped believing and what is the difference between your feelings after and before your choice?

piątek, 17 czerwca 2011

If you're believing you will be in the interval from 50-115.
If you are not believing you will be above 90-160
If you are from another planet I guess that you will be around 220+ 

I want to travel to mars so pls stop believing cause this stops social intelligence...:/

niedziela, 5 czerwca 2011

We as a tree.

What do you think about reincarnation? 

Yes very good scenario of our death and life after it. After life border we can become a lion, monkey, mosquito etc. But nothing can assure us about future. If reincarnation would be real vision of life after death our world could be ruined cause of caurage. We would never be afraid of "end".

We can compare it to the life cycle of a tree:

Spring - We get up as human, young, delicatle but with way wich is attached to us. We can't change it cause the last step is death. We're fluorishing like a beautiful tree of cherry.

Summer - Best part of our existence, we're trying to take care about our way of life. We gain experience, abilities and knownledge to make a step into next part.

Autumn - It's 7.00 am time to wake up and go to work. You're despairing about bad choices wich you did in your young years. So now we're working and later will be time for relax?

Winter - ...

And again we repeat process starting from spring. Maybe thats the real secret of existence?