piątek, 17 czerwca 2011

If you're believing you will be in the interval from 50-115.
If you are not believing you will be above 90-160
If you are from another planet I guess that you will be around 220+ 

I want to travel to mars so pls stop believing cause this stops social intelligence...:/

6 komentarzy:

  1. I'm not believing, but still I'm probly around the 60 range.

  2. I have... absolutely no idea what this blog is really about, but i do know that I'm in the 145 range.

  3. blog is about nothing for the moment. Or about everything... I dont know

  4. A. where did you get this data? are these ranges absolute or merely confidence intervals?
    B. Do you realize that IQ tests are merely the essence of reification and really only test aptitude at intelligence tests?
    C. Non-belief does NOT make anyone smart. Being smart makes one a Nonbeliever.

  5. im from another planet, wohhoo 220 IQ! :P